The 34-year-old American fashion model Courtney Sixx, also known as the wife of the heavy metal band Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx, has just shared a new photo-shot and showed his beauty in a fur.

Recently, the beautiful model added a new pose to her official social media account and contacted fans during these dangerous coronavirus days. With the pose she shared, Courtney took fans back to her past and remembered one of the gorgeous photo-shots of her.

When we look at her in the photo she shared, Courtney was wearing lace pants while wearing a fur without a bra. She was holding her hair and posing at the camera.

Courtney posted pose remembering who she was during the photo-shot: “My girlfriend Alex Nataf shot this styling by Jennifer Mazur Halle Hammond. What a fun shoot with my girls.”

As a response to the model, her fans wrote in an Instagram post that how beautiful she is.