One of the successful bassists of all time, Nikki Sixx, known for his Motley Crue career, has just updated his social media to show how he spends his free time and showed their relaxing vacation.

With a recent Instagram post he sent, Nikki Sixx shared a new photo including his wife Courtney Sixx and their daughter little Ruby. When we look at the photos he shared, Ruby and Courtney were sitting on a sunbed while posing across to the camera. While Courtney was taking care of Ruby, she was drinking milk with a baby bottle.

In the caption of the photo, Nikki Sixx wrote the following description:

“Doing life with my best friend Courtney Sixx. Sexy mama too!!!!”

While their poses attracting great interest from Nikki Sixx’s social media fans, many of them wrote how a great photo it was. Also, Courtney Sixx has one of those who commented on the photo. She showed her love for Nikki as a comment.


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