The Grammy Award-winning heavy metal squad Metallica‘s legendary bassist Robert Trujillo‘s wife, Chloe Trujillo, took her social media channel to show her elastic body with a new photo and contacted fans during her spare time.

In the photo shared by her, Chloe was in her room and posing in front of the camera while opening her legs. Her hair was twin bun and looked gorgeous as always. She was looking across to the camera and mesmerizing people by using her beauty.

When she sent the photo, Chloe, known for her happy face, talked about their washing machine and wished a good day to people who follow her and saw her post via social media. She also mentioned what she did when their washing machine breaks down.

In the caption, Chloe wrote, “Our washing machine gave up on us, so I just washed some clothes by hand, old school. Oh and rats chewed wires in my car too! What’s up? How’s your Wednesday? Just rolling on the floor for me.”

Fans commented on the photo and expressed their gratitude for her. While some of them say she had a gorgeous body, a few fans agreed that she is one of the positive peoples they followed.