The American heavy metal band Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo’s wife, Chloe Trujillo, also known for her artworks, has taken a new selfie to her official social media account and showed her beauty with it.

Recently, the beautiful painter appeared on her social channel and showed how she spends her post-quarantine times. Months later, after a long and boring stuck, Chloe said that she went to the beach and was very happy about it.

In the photo shared by her, Chloe was wearing her new red swimsuit, which detailed with eyes and blue color. She was also wearing sunglasses and lying on the sand.

Chloe wrote the following caption in the photo: “Natural beach filter! First time out at the beach in months!!! And it felt so good today. I also gave this sample swimsuit a test swim.”

Under the photo, many fans expressed that she is gorgeous. A couple of them has liked the swimsuit and stated that they want it.


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