The world-famous heavy metal band Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo’s wife, Chloe Trujillo, also known as the painter, has just shared a new photo on her official social media and showed her beauty while posing under the sun.

In the photo she shared, Chloe was wearing a moon-sun detailed swimsuit. In addition to her gorgeous style, she was decorating her body with a skull scarf.

When she posted the photo, Chloe mentioned how she spends her semi-lockdown days. She revealed her plans and said what she doing.

Chloe added the following caption in the description:

“Good morning. Trying to make the best of my days every day during this semi-quarantine times. I work on music, writing and art, fit in exercise, meditation, singing and dancing and of course cooking with the family!!! I also love enjoying some sun like now.

“How do you make the best of your time? Wearing the #mood maillot and the #skull scarf, both super appropriate for the times.”

Under the post, her social media followers answered her question and commented on how they spend their lockdown times.

Here’s the post:


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