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Megadeth’s David Ellefson On Upcoming Album: “I Hate To Talk Too Much About It Until It Comes Out”


The successful musician David Ellefson, known for the bassist of the heavy metal band Megadeth, has spoken out with the Rockin’ Metal Revival and revealed the latest situation of the album.

During an interview, the bassist touched when the album would come out and how coronavirus affected their recording process.

“Well, we were scheduled to be in the studio at the end of March recording the new album,” he said. “It’s primarily written; it’s ready to go. Then, when things started shutting down, that had to be pushed back. So we are right now rescheduled to get in the studio – particularly for me and our drummer, Dirk, to get in and cut the bass and drum tracks. And then from there, we’ll just continue to build the songs in the recording studio. But the tunes are there. It’s in motion. It’s taken the last three years to write it, but it’s great.”

While the successful musician concluding his words, he stated that they’re happy with it.

“I hate to sound boastful and talk too much about it until it comes out, ’cause it’s still in a formative phase, but we’re really happy with it. The management’s really happy with it, the inner sanctum of our little staff we let weigh in on it, everybody’s very stoked. They feel it is absolutely a perfect follow-up for ‘Dystopia.’”


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