The American recording artist and model Electra Mustaine, the daughter of the world-class heavy metal band Megadeth founder Dave Mustaine, has shared a photo of herself to contact fans and mesmerized social media followers with a braless pose.

In the photo, Electra Mustaine was posing in front of the wall, which was covered with papers. Her hair was messy, and she had very little makeup. With the outfit she wore, Electra stunned her fans and proved once again what a beautiful model she is.

In the caption of the photo, Electra reached out to her fans to talk about their personalities. According to her, people are similar to the thing that they wrote in their life.

“You are what you read,” Electra captioned. She also added a paper emoji  at the end of the caption.

Under the post, while some of the fans touched Electra’s beauty, some of them responded to her words and showed their agreement. While a fan Francisco writes, “And you are so beautiful sweetheart,” another fan wrote, “I must be a fanfic centring around shrek, farquaad and donkey have a bizarre threesome.”

You can find her social media photo below.

photo: Electra Mustaine Instagram feed