The American recording artist Electra Mustaine, also known as the daughter of the Megadeth singer Dave Mustaine, has mentioned the good sides of coronavirus with a post she recently shared.

With a statement she shared, Electra touched the coronavirus pandemic and spoke of nature’s rejuvenating itself, as there is no pollution caused by humans and them. Also, Electra recalled the bad experience she had in the past and stated that the days when she was in LA, the sounds of “poor air quality today” were constantly rising from the televisions.

You can read what Electra wrote about the issue below.

“Tomorrow is the 50th Earth Day guys! If there’s one good thing that’s come from this pandemic… I’d say it’s was the brief healing of our environment… we saw that all across the world, once countries had shut down and nature had a chance to heal and cleanse it’s self. Hopefully that has some lasting positive effects! ⠀

“I was raised in southern California and when I took this pic in LA, last time I was there it bothered me so much!!! So much smog everywhere to the point were you regularly get notifications on your phone saying that there’s ‘poor air quality today.’ I don’t have the answers as to how to fix this but I do know some basics that we can all do to help. Because why poison our own fish tank!? I’ve started composting which actually helps reduces landfill waste and incineration, and therefore emissions! Waste lies stagnant in landfill sites where the vital oxygen that is needed to facilitate the decaying process cannot reach it. Landfill material also releases greenhouse gases which hurt our planet.

“I hope to encourage you guys can find something today you’d like to start doing that can better our planet! Much love everyone!!!”

In the comments of Electra‘s post, many fans stated how looks beautiful Electra was. They also support her thoughts with their likes and comments. Electra liked many comments about the issue. You can read one of them below.

“Despite the horrors that’s happening to our planet due to the evils of some humanity, I’m still surprised Earth can still give us life, beauty, and peace,” a fan named Jeremy K. Borghardt wrote. “Even the sun being able to rise in a pink-red sky, after a beautiful night with a sky glittered with stars, is enough to make me feel so blessed.”

Here’s the post shared by Electra Mustaine:


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