The American heavy metal band Megadeth’s legendary singer Dave Mustaine’s daughter, Electra Mustaine, known for her recording career, has taken her social media to keep in touch with fans and showed her beauty with a recent photo she shared.

In the photo she shared, Electra was posing in a jet while sitting. She was doing a peace sign and touching the importance of it.

When she sent the post, Electra Mustaine touched the beauty of nature and added how she loves it. She cursed all the man-made concrete walls.

She wrote the following letter in the description of the post:

“Made it to a place i LOVE thanks to some great friends! Cannot wait to spend time here with people i love and nature’s beauty all around… something about being away from all the man-made concrete walls and city lights feeds the soul!! Can’t wait to share some pix from the Rockies! (once i get over this altitude sickness, that is) Are you a nature lover too?”

As a response to her question, her Instagram followers wrote their nature love. Some of them also mentioned how a beautiful woman she is.


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