Megadeth‘s legendary member Dave Mustaine‘s daughter, the American recording artist Electra Mustaine was showed her perfect body to fans with a hot bathrobe photo.

In the photo shared by Electra, the successful artist took a photo using the mirror, and the photo was received with great interest by fans.

“Jet lag Remedy.” was writing in the photo.

Also, in the comments of the photo, Electra clarified the question that was wondered by many fans. When asked “When are you singing with your father again?” she replied:

“It was just a one off… 🤭 Tell him!! 😏😎”

Electra Mustaine is also very active in her music life. She was joined Megadeth on the band’s January 28 show at Le Zénith in Paris, France for “À Tout Le Monde”. After the performance, the fans welcomed Electra Mustaine perfectly and stated that she should definitely be included in the next Megadeth album.

“Being on stage is so addicting,” Electra said in 2016. “It’s a high that you can’t shake. Music is in my blood. I just interpret it much differently.”

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