The American recording artist Electra Mustaine, also known as the daughter of the American heavy metal band Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine, has just updated her social media account with a letter about coronavirus and warned the people for the coronavirus threatening.

We know that the coronavirus threat increases its effect day by day and continues to hurt, but how much precautions do we take? Electra Mustaine touched upon this issue and said that if we were afraid to make mistakes, we made more mistakes. She also added we must be smart and responsible. You can read the statement she shared below.

“Was gonna write the usual caption here but wanted to say… I hope you all are staying safe. Obviously fear makes everything worse, so keep your heads up — but lets still be smart and responsible!

“I feel a need to stress this young vs. old thing. It makes me sad that the elderly and those with compromised immune systems (even people with or recovering from cancer — my father!) are the most at risk… i feel like sometimes we take our elderly communities for granted. I’ve felt this way even since the modern technology age took flight. My nana even then expressed how she didn’t want to get left behind or segregated from the rest of society because she didn’t know how to use an iPhone. I can’t tell you how badly i wish my grandparents were still alive… or how strongly i felt protective over them. ⠀

“So, even if us young & strong people may not be at risk, we must still be mindful of spreading germs which may put our elderly or those with compromised immune systems at risk. We still have our whole lives ahead of us… lets protect and honor what time is left of theirs as well! ily all!”

Also, Due to the coronavirus threatening, Green Day, Alice Cooper, Sepultura, Sebastian Bach, Tool, Lacuna Coil and more have delayed or canceled concerts as a precaution.


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