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Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page Remembers The Difficult Times: “I Had No Money To See Him”


Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page, who began his musical career in the mid-1960s, has just recently shared a new post on his daily “OnThisDay” series and recalled the difficult times he lived during the American singer Jerry Lee Lewis‘ special shows.

With a new story he added to his classic series, Jimmy Page took fans back to Jerry‘s 1962 Mitcham show and touched the difficult life conditions he lived during that time. He described the show night as “the most extraordinary evening.”

Jimmy Page wrote the following letter to remember those days: “In 1958, Jerry Lee Lewis toured for the first time in the UK. He had to cancel the tour and leave due to the newspapers’ treatment of him.

“On May 14th 1962, he’d returned to England and played a date at the Majestic, in Mitcham. I had no money to see him the first time around, but scraped up enough money to go and see his comeback at Mitcham. It really was the most extraordinary evening. It felt really tribal: with all the diehard lovers of rock’n’roll paying homage to The Maestro.⁣

“It would have been easy to assume that Jerry Lee would have a sour taste for playing in the UK after his untimely exit in ’58, but he played with so much conviction and passion of what he, and only he, could do best: which was to be Jerry Lee Lewis.”

While approaching at the end of the letter, Jimmy wrote the special moment Jerry did.

“At the end of the show, Jerry Lee Lewis brought his wife on the stage and the enthusiasm from the audience could have literally brought the ceiling down. ⁣

“The technique of Jerry Lee Lewis on the piano throughout his career has been something that was so individual and unequalled, like Chuck Berry you don’t need to hear too many bars to know who it is that’s playing.”

The story he shared attracted great interest from the fans and followers who follow him on Instagram. Many of them expressed they look forward to seeing the new posts that will be shared.

Led Zeppelin released its self-titled debut studio album on January 12, 1969, in the United States and March 31, 1969, in the United Kingdom.

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