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Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page Recalls The Rare-Known Story Of ‘Swan Song’


The 76-year-old world-star guitarist Jimmy Page, who achieved the international success as the guitarist and founder of the rock band Led Zeppelin, has recently shared a rare-known story through his social media account and added a new story on his classic “OnThisDay” series.

This time, Jimmy recalled his rare songs featuring Drop Down Mama, which became Custard Pie, Everybody Makes It Through, which became In the Light, and Swan Song, and touched the story behind the Swan Song.

“On this day in 1974 at Headley Grange with Led Zeppelin, I had recorded ‘Drop Down Mama’ (which became ‘Custard Pie’), ‘Everybody Makes It Through’ (‘In the Light’) and ‘Swan Song’, parts 1 and 2.

“Swan Song was an ambitious piece that I had prepared in my home studio with a number of sections and orchestrated overdubs and we laid down two contrasting sections of it,” he said. “It never made it any further than this at the time, but the song title was chosen as the name for the forthcoming label that would see the release of Physical Graffiti.

“Swan Song was to be reworked, some years later, with Paul Rodgers who supplied some inspired lyrics and it became Midnight Moonlight.”

Also, a fan of him made a joke about the video in the post shared by Jimmy Page and said, “It must be weird living there now, you’re having tea look out the window there’s Jimmy Page playing a mandolin on the lawn.”

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