The London-based poet/performer Scarlett Sabet, also known as the girlfriend of the Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page, has just updated her social media account with a new photo and stunned fans with her pose.

In the photo she shared, the 30-year-old model was leaning on the grass. She was wearing a blue blouse without a bra.

She posted the photo with no caption.

Many fans expressed how she looks beautiful and stunning in the comments of the photo. Some of the fans also stated that he looks like an angel.

You can reach the post below.


  1. Doesn’t Jimmy Page have a daughter named Scarlett? If so, then it’s kind of creepy that that’s the name of his much younger girlfriend.

  2. Yes, but his daughter has one less “t” and 19 more years than his girlfriend, so all is cool, OK?

  3. She is a bit old for the pedophile satanist Jimmy…As some people may be aware Page like many in the entertainment industry is a satanist.His girlfriend is as well.
    Let’s hope the age of the celebrity is coming to an end.Most sensible people are sick of hearing or reading about them.
    MOST of them are no example to young people….most of these weirdos are crypto Jews like the freak Ozzy Osbourne AND Page AND Mick Jagger

  4. It’s a Camisole NOT a Blouse, it’s worn beneath a top and you don’t wear a bra with it!
    She looks delish in the pic btw!


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