Korn’s Jonathan Davis Might Be In Danger Due To COVID

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The current state of health of Korn singer Jonathan Davis has been revealed by his bandmate Brian “Head” Welch. To tell the truth, the musician might be in danger, according to him.

After Jonathan Davis tested positive for COVID, Korn was forced to reschedule and cancel upcoming shows due to his musician’s health. At first, Korn has rescheduled six shows and canceled two dates.

Recently, Brian Welch, the guitarist of the band, has announced that the band was once again forced to update its current show dates. According to the musician, Korn was forced to postpone six dates on its current U.S. tour.

In a recent video message that shared by Welch, the musician was informing people about his bandmate’s current health. He told that he still struggles after-effects of the illness and said that he is physically weak and having mental battle.

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“Shout out to Indianapolis/Noblesville, Indiana,” Welch said. “My God, you guys gave us so much love last night. We appreciate you so much.

“Jonathan Davis is still struggling with the COVID after-effects. He’s physically weak and having a mental battle. And any type of love, light and energy you can throw at him – prayers, all of it.

“We have shows coming up, so all of you guys, check the dates. Whatever show you’re going to, throw him some love and energy, man – he needs you more than ever.”

Korn’s Previous Postponed and Canceled Dates

In the middle of August, the six shows have been postponed and two shows have been cancelled by Korn.

The band told fans that August 14 Scranton show moved to September 25, August 17 Wantagh show moved to September 28, August 18 Holmdel show moved to September 26, August 20 Hartford show moved to October 2, August 21 Mansfield show moved to October 1, and August 22 Gilford show moved to October 3.

Korn has also revealed the cancelled dates and said August 24 Darien and August 25 Syracuse shows have been cancelled.

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  • Prayers for a complete recovery! I'm so glad that I got to see you perform on August 13 in Camden. You guys rock!!

  • Y'all killed it in Tinley on Friday I was in shock how well JD did put himself through that just for his fans it was inspiring and he even came out with the bag pipes that man sure doesn't disappoint I am so glad I got to witness it ... Thank you so much JD for pushing through the pain and sickness for your fans I will never forget that show ... Sending all of my love to all the members I know this hasn't been easy for any of you but remember we love and appreciate all of you

  • I love I Jonathan,,,,we all support u and give. U our energy and love,,I won't ever stop loving and being a korn fan,,u and korn are my everything u helped push through life,,u have been for uscas u still are now,,we love u so much,,get better,,my love,,always know we ate there for u,,,mmmwwaaahhh. I send. All my love and support. To u,,,

  • Jonathan I hope you get better prayers and love sent to you and energy and I pray the Lord will be with you and heal you God bless you Jonathan be safe and we all love you

  • Its a hard road to recovery if you can recover. I'm still coughing and gagging on slime every night. You have gone this far you will make it.

  • Prayers for FULL RECOVERY JD!! We love all you guys so much and THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUVE DONE AND CONTINUE TO DO FOR US FANS. I’ll cya Thursday night at Cuyahoga falls. Every year my wife and I see you in OHIO and it has always been one of our best nights of the year. Thank you again Jonathan for all go thru for us!!
    4U……. You live it man. And please play it once again for The Blossom Fans!!

  • I'm supposed to be going to your Mansfield show. But understand if the show doesn't work. Your health and mental stability is more important. I don't think I'll ever experience another show like my first, in the late 90's at Lupo's in Rhode Island. The club was packed to capacity and it turned into a mosh pit the moment you came on. I hope you get well soon. Glad to see Brian is happy with life as well.

  • Peace love and prayers to you Jonathan!! It was amazing to see you again in Camden. All of us Korn for life fans are pulling for you. As much as it's always fantastic to see you please take care of yourself so you can continue to perform for years to come. We can't lose anymore rock legends!! To the rest of the band yall are such incredible artists and I love how yall pull together for each other! Watching yalls performances are always the life of the show!! Take care all of you and stay safe!! ❤

  • My thoughts and prayers are with Jonathan, you can push through it. You've been through a lot in life, that has made you the strong person you are today.. Please keep your head up and fight, you got this.. love you guys since your first album, look how far you've come since then. Fight hard and know you have millions of people praying for you.. Thank you for helping people get through their rough times, you are the greatest strength for so many..