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KISS’s Paul Stanley Touches Positive Sides Of Coronavirus: “Family And Friends Are Our Lifeline”


KISS guitarist/co-founder Paul Stanley, also known as The Starchild of the rock community, has touched the positive sides of the world-threat coronavirus pandemic and encouraged people to connect people.

As many of you guys know, coronavirus is in our lives for almost a year. Since it began, there were 42.4M confirmed cases worldwide. While 28.6M people recovered in those cases, 1.15M people have passed away due to the virus.

Recently, Paul Stanley, who uses social media positively and to touch people’s life, wrote a meaningful letter on his official Twitter to encourage people and touch the unseen sides of the coronavirus. He stated in the letter he wrote that coronavirus realizes how essential we all are to one another.

Paul Stanley wrote the following words exactly:

“Maybe this pandemic and it’s isolation can lead us to realize how essential we all are to one another. Family and friends are our lifeline. I meet people I don’t know everyday and see the comfort we share in that moment we’re reminded that we are all going through this together.”

When people responded to his tweet, they said that he’s right. A fan named Lanny Sachnowitz wrote the following comment to describe Paul’s humanity, “You are just a genuinely really good human being. Thank you for the positivity you put out into the world. I have seen you out and about a few times. Next time I’m saying ‘Hello’ and ‘Thank You’ in person.”

Here’s Paul’s tweet:

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