KISS bassist Gene Simmons‘ lovely daughter Sophie Simmons, also known for her vocal career, stunned fans with the new photos she sent through her official social platform and showed how her body looked great in a black dress.

Recently, Sophie Simmons, 28, took to her Instagram channel to make good times with her pet and showed the special night she had with them at her home. She was also celebrating her partnership with special brands and dressed hot for them.

In the post, there were 7 photos of Sophie. She was posing strikingly in each photo. In the first photo, she was raising a wineglass while looking at the camera. In the second and third, she was posing with her pet. When we look at the fourth, Sophie has posed alone and showed her stunning body in a black dress. In the remaining photos, Sophie was as beautiful as before.

In the caption, she wrote, “So nice to do something fancy at home with the pups! thanks @lyft and @grubhub for sending some yummy vegan food my way in celebration of their partnership. Lyft Pink members now get free Grubhub+, which gives you unlimited free delivery, free food, and other Perks! it was a lovely social night in #lyftpinkperks #ad.”

Her poses attracted huge interest from people who follow her on her social media platforms. Some of them wrote good comments for her and stated that she had gorgeous body.