Guns N’ Roses Fans Criticizes Axl Rose Heavily: “He Needs To Hire A Nutritionist And Fitness Guy”

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Guns N’ Roses fans criticized the band’s singer Axl Rose due to the current state of the musician’s voice and sent him a piece of slamming words after they saw his poor live performance.

Starting his musical career in 1983, the American singer Axl Rose is known for his tenure with the rock band Guns N’ Roses. He is the only sole constant member of the band since their inception in 1985. Throughout his career with Roses, Axl Rose appeared in the entire albums of the band and has released six studio albums.

Over the years, Axl Rose appeared on stage hundreds of times and rocked the crowd during his musical career. Also, as some of you might remember, he had toured with the rock band AC/DC when the band’s singer Brian Johnson was forced to left the band due to hearing issues.

However, Guns N’ Roses are back on live stages with their North America Tour with Mammoth WVH after a long plague hiatus. The band had performed its first show on July 31 in Pennsylvania and concluded the tour on October 4 in Florida.

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Although some fans felt excited and happy to see Guns N’ Roses live once again, some fans looked very upset because of Axl Rose and his vocal performances. Discussing the musician’s current state of body condition, fans criticized him heavily.

In a video that was shared on YouTube after the band played its Detroit show on August 8, 2021, Guns N’ Roses fans had sent their reaction to Axl Rose and his live performance. In the comment section, people mocked Axl because of his overweight.

Fans Believes Axl Rose Needs To Hire A Nutritionist

Countless Guns N’ Roses fans have commented on the video to share their honest opinion on Axl Rose‘s current voice.

A fan believes that Axl Rose needs to hire a nutritionist and make hard workouts.

“With his millions, he needs to hire a nutritionist and fitness guy,” a fan said in the comment section.

Another fan said he missed the old Axl Rose: “I miss the old Axl…”

A lot of fans compared Axl Rose to Mickey Mouse: “Axl voice like Mickey Mouse,” and, “Wait, wtf is going on? Is he doing the Mickey voice now,” and, “Now I know Axl Rose was the Mickey Mouse voice actor.”

Sean named fan wrote: “My drunk grandmother did a better job at my cousins wedding. not even kidding.”

Later then, a fan commented: “Axl still has his natural range – which is as a low tenor. His high notes are actually in an alto’s range, and he can’t get there in his chest voice anymore. He’s singing in his head voice (falsetto) and that’s never going to sound very ‘rock and roll.’

“I wish they’d bring songs like Jungle down by about 3 whole steps, but I suppose they never will. Again, Axl can still sing – but not as an alto.”

When a fan named Jonathan said, “This song has really been a bad one for Axl so far on this tour… hope he get’s his shit together,” another fan added, “Fekin awful.”

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  • Axl's day has come and gone! Who wants to see a geriatric wheeze and moan and try to catch his breath ? Give him his ensure and one a day vitamin and tell him its time for the old folks home !

  • This is BS! I saw GNR in Milwaukee and they were amazing!! Axl looks great and is still one of the most charismatic performers I have ever seen! His voice was amazing as well, and I have video to prove it!

  • I think Axl is a damn good singer and the band is amazing. I just WISH they could come to Pittsburgh. I would love to see them 1 time before I'm to old to go.
    KEEP IT UP AXL!!!! You will always be the best of the best.

  • First off, no one people should judge others. What kind of superficial BS is this all about anyway.

    Second, I saw them in Baltimore recently and they were great. They played close to 3 hours. I'm sure Axels voice is a little different. Our voices change as we get older, but any true fan would appreciate the music.

  • Times change and people age whether we like it or not. I saw most of the notable heavy bands from 82' - 95'. Most of them were incredible live and they were much younger, thinner, wilder, etc. I've seen a few of these bands in the past ten years. None of them are what they used to be. Now it's pot bellies, hair dye, faded tattoos, Botox and excuses. It's pathetic at best and pretty sad to watch unless you're just trying to hang on to the past.
    A few bands and musicians have adjusted with a change on style like Robert Plant and Ritchie Blackmore for instance. Plant hasn't hit the high notes in many, many years. Yet, his rich and beautiful voice has found new life in more acoustic based music.
    It comes to reckon whether it's better to rail at aging in failure or grow and evolve into an older version of one's self .

  • Saw them live and they sound AMAZING. He is freaking 60 yrs old, what the hell do you guys expect??? He is not going to sound like he did 30yrs ago, no one does, and those high notes were hard to hit back then, even harder now. His low voice is PERFECT. The guy gives a hell of a show running back and forth for 3 hrs straight. I only have respect for him and the rest of the band. Lastly, my voice was gone the day after the concert from all the singing
    ...and I am 35!! Yet he does it again and again at every concert at 60. Much respect!

  • Wow ! I think they are great past and present. He is far from over weight terrible to be so critical shame people are so judging

  • I don't understand what the problem is the live singing voice sounds perfectly fine like Axl to me

  • I have seen Axl recently and he sounds AMAZING and as far as his looks go he is sexier than ever ! He is a HANDSOM man just not an adorable boy Simply the ROSE perfect in every minute of it's existence