Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan‘s daughter Mae McKagan, also known with her model career, has just posted a new photo of her body and showed fans her new gift taken from her mother Susan Holmes McKagan.

In the post she sent, there was a 2-photo collage. The successful rock musician’s daughter was wearing a yellow bikini and shows how her gorgeous body looking in it.

While she talks about the swimsuit, Mae stated that her mother made it for her.

She included the following caption for describe the photo she shared: “Swimsuit made by my mom.”

The poses attracted huge interest from the fans and people who saw the post shared by her. While many fans expressing how talented girl her mother is, almost all of them said she had a gorgeous physics.

With her recent Q&A event, Mae revealed her future plans and said that he will be working at Vogue in the jewelry editing department next year.

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swimsuit made by my mom

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