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This category includes the claims of the rock & metal musicians that told surprise fans with words that never heard before.


With this category, our readers reach the latest news of metal bands and artists. Also, they can read the interviews, watch the videos and see how they spend their daily life.


In this category, readers can reach the news of the persons related to rock & metal artists.


With this category, our readers reach the latest news of rock artists and bands. Also, they can read the interviews, see how they spend their daily life and watch their videos.

Guitarist Answers If Skid Row Thinks Reunion With Sebastian Bach

Skid Row guitarist Dave "Snake" Sabo discussed his band's possibility of a reunion with the band's former singer Sebastian Bach. He said that he never thought of reuniting with Sebastian Bach. The New...

Marq Torien Recalls How James Hetfield Was The Hero Of BulletBoys

BulletBoys star Marq Torien recalled his band's early years and said Metallica member James Hetfield always pushed them to be a successful band, even though they didn't believe in him. After picking up...

Zoltan Bathory Compares FFDP To Queen: “That’s The Place You Want To Be”

Five Finger Death Punch guitarist Zoltan Bathory surprised a piece of fans by comparing his band's new sound on the upcoming album to the rock giant Queen. It is undeniable fact that Queen...

Roger Waters Opens Up About Why He Called Joe Biden A ‘War Criminal’

Pink Floyd legend Roger Waters called the current President of the United States, Joe Biden, a 'war criminal' who hasn't encouraged people to act peacefully. As Pink Floyd came to world prominence through...

Max Cavalera Answers If Pantera Reunion Made Him Think Sepultura Reunion

Pantera is returning to the stage after 20 years! In a brand new interview with Loudersound's Metal Hammer, Soulfly vocalist Max Cavalera talked about the reunion of Pantera and answered whether their reunion...

The 5 Guitarists That Jimmy Page Named The Best Of All Time

What are the favorite guitarists of Led Zeppelin legend Jimmy Page? If we mention the greatest guitarist of all time, we can not deny that Jimmy Page is one of those. But,...

Tommy Thayer Explains Why He Hasn’t Released A Solo Album

KISS guitarist Tommy Thayer talked about why he hasn't released a solo album, aiming that fans are not buying new music these days. Born in 1960, Tommy Thayer has been a full-time member...

Ex-Drummer Reveals Why ‘Chaos Never Died’ In Guns N’ Roses

Former Guns N' Roses drummer Bryan "Brain" Mantia recalled the band's full of chaos times and explained why the chaos never ended in the band during the recording process of Chinese Democracy. Formed...
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