The successful musician Nita Strauss, the touring guitarist of the Alice Cooper, has just updated her social media account with a workout photo and showed to her fans that she did not neglect her body in quarantine days.

In the photo shared by Nita, she was doing her workout in the backyard and she was not alone. Her dogs were also in the field where she working out, and they did not leave her alone. In fact, one was on her waist while Nita was standing in the push-up position and putting more weight on Nita. She mentioned that moment in the caption of the photo.

Nita Strauss posted the photo with following caption: “Backyard workout helpers (one helping a little less than the other)

“Got my workout in today inspired by one of our original Body Shred members who passed away suddenly last night. RIP to Plank Wars champ @josh.wertz.19 – he was a true light in our little family. He made us all laugh during our Plank Wars challenge by doing his with random objects on his back… so here is my salute to you!!

“The Body Shred group really has done so much more than help a bunch of random rock and rollers from around the globe get in shape… it has truly brought out the best in so many people and as this challenge comes to an end I am more thankful for it than ever! Love you guys and so proud of the progress you have all made during this challenge!! Can’t wait to see your final results next week (and I have one more thing up my sleeve for you all, so don’t get too comfortable!)”

In the comments of the photo, many fans sent their gratitude to Nita Strauss. They also mentioned how Nita was an inspiration for them, and they appreciated her for her exemplary behavior during the quarantine days.

Here’s the photo shared by Nita Strauss:


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