Recently, the first female signature artist of Ibanez guitars, Nita Strauss, also known as the touring guitarist of the American musician Alice Cooper, took her fans back to their Australia tour, which held in February.

In the photo taken by her boyfriend Josh Villalta, Nita was enjoying in the sea. Nita, who opened her hands and lifted it into the air, seemed to be enjoying the situation she was in.

Also, in the caption of the photo, Nita asked her fans and the followers who saw the post that the last place they went before the quarantine process started. She asked them to fill in the comments of the photo with positive thoughts.

“Bondi Beach,” Nita wrote in the social media caption. “Thinking back to fun times on our #Australia tour in February! @thejoshv and I got back to the states about a week before the travel ban went into effect. Seems like a lifetime ago! Although this wouldn’t have been the worst place to be stuck…”

She continued: “What was the last fun place you went before all this started? A concert? The beach? A good restaurant? Fill the comments below with happy memories instead of thinking about the negative.”

Nita, who asked her fans to write in the comments of the photo that where the place they went before the quarantine, responded to their memories.

“I had just finished chemo and I went to a Alice Cooper concert In Sydney in February,” a fan named Hicksey wrote in the comments. “Amazing! I felt I was back to living and enjoying my life. You were fantastic. Thank you.”

“That’s wonderful,” Nita Strauss responded. “Congratulations on your recovery and glad you celebrated with us!”

Alice Cooper has played on FIGHT FIRE AUSTRALIA, which held at ANZ Stadium in Sydney Olympic Park on February 16, 2020, to help Australia after the death of close to a billion animals, the death of around 25 people and the destruction of many homes in Australian fires.

You can find the photo and the comments below.


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