The American musician Alice Cooper‘s touring guitarist Nita Strauss, one of those who use quarantine days well, has just sent a new post through her social media account and expressed how proud she was.

In the post she shared, Nita Strauss sent her one of the strong poses of herself and sent her thanks to people who completed her second Body Shred Challenge. She said she is immensely proud of them.

You can read what she wrote about them below.

“I am IMMENSELY proud to introduce the winners of my second Body Shred Challenge!!!
We started this round in January and these amazing men and women pushed through a crazy situation to finish our three month challenge strong, despite the world changing so much right in the middle of it. I COULD NOT BE PROUDER!!!!!⁣”

Nita has also informed people what they do to join her shred.

“To see more transformations and get on the mailing list for the next challenge, head to!⁣ There’s also a highlight here on my IG page that explains more about the challenge for anyone curious!”

In the comments of the post, she motivated people who try to shape their bodies. The fans also said they’re inspiring.


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