Alice Cooper guitarist Nita Strauss, which was the first female signature artist with Ibanez guitars, has just updated her verified Instagram account with a new stage photo and contact with her fans through that way.

In the photo taken at Los Angeles, Nita was playing guitar on stage while showing her tongue with a sassy face. Unlike the side where she plays the guitar, Nita was looking elsewhere.

Also, in her recent post, Nita stated that she is looking forward to the future. Today, with the photo she shared, Nita asked her fans that if they had a thing that they’re looking forward to it.

Nita Strauss sent the photo with the following caption: “Happiness. I told you guys what I’m looking forward to yesterday- what’s something YOU’RE looking forward to when this is all over?”

The fans attracted great interest in the post. They stated that they’re looking forward to seeing Nita Strauss and Alice Cooper on stage again.

Here’s the post shared by Nita Strauss:


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