The talented guitarist Nita Strauss, known for her touring career with the rock legend Alice Cooper, has just contacted fans through her official social channel and showed her beauty by using her one of the rare stage poses.

In the photo taken by Shannon Wilk, Nita Strauss was rocking on stage while playing guitar to the crowd. She was mesmerizing in skintight pants and wearing a sleeveless jacket.

When Nita sent her pose, she added special words to the caption of the photo. The words belong to the iconic painter Pablo Picasso and they were meaningful.

Nita Strauss wrote the following caption for it:

“Others have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be, and asked why not.”

Under her social media post, many fans wrote as a comment that the shoot was stunning. A couple of them have also touched Nita’s beauty and said she had a gorgeous body.

You can find Nita Strauss’ social media pose below.


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