The talented musician Nita Strauss, who plays guitar with the rock legend Alice Cooper since 2014, has shared a new pose through his official social media channel and contacted fans in an interesting way.

In the photo she shared, Nita was wearing her classic “Ego Kills Talent” shirt as always. She mesmerized fans with her skintight pants while playing her Ibanez and rocking the crowd on stage.

Also, when the photo captured by Matt Season, there was a baby puppet behind the Nita Strauss. Nita Strauss was mentioning on the baby in the caption of the post she shared.

“Pay no attention to the baby hanging from the speaker,” Nita Strauss wrote the describe the moment.

While fans commenting on the post, many of them stated that they didn’t notice the baby until reading the caption she wrote. Also, some of them mocked the title and said there’s a baby hanging from the speaker.

You can reach the pose shared by Nita Strauss below.


  1. I don’t see anything here about her blowing her fans, but I’m glad she doesn’t let her ego get in the way of showing off THAT talent. She must really appreciate her fan base, and apparently her fans’ shafts.


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