The 33-year-old musician Nita Strauss, known for the guitarist of Alice Cooper, has just added a new post to her social media to celebrate her boyfriend Josh Villalta‘s new age and shared a special letter to describe her love.

In the letter she sent through her social media, Nita Strauss told how she loves her boyfriend Josh Villalta. In addition to her letter, Nita Strauss posted rare-known photos to show her love.

Nita wrote the following letter:

“I celebrate this man every single day, but today on his birthday I love to celebrate him even more!! My @thejoshv has the biggest heart, the strongest character and the hardest work ethic of anyone I know. His honesty, creativity, passion, drive and willingness to stand by his convictions make him stand out in a world where those qualities seem harder and harder to come by.⁣

“If you want to see what Josh is all about, look no further than the message of Beverly Kills… integrity, humility and never losing yourself in the pursuit of your dreams.⁣

“I admire his strength of mind (and body) so much and so thankful to have this man in my life!! Plus he’s a pretty damn good drummer too, so I’m doubly lucky to get to share not just a great romantic relationship, but an amazing musical one as well.⁣

“I love you baby! Today we celebrate the amazing person that you are!! Happy birthday!!⁣

“If you have a story about meeting or seeing Josh, share it in the comments here!!”

Under the photo, Nita Strauss‘s close friends celebrated Josh‘s birthday as the fans. Many of them wished good vibes and health for him on his new age.


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