The successful female guitarist Nita Strauss, who started her Alice Cooper adventure in 2014 as a touring guitarist, has just updated her verified Instagram account with a stage photo and said that she will be announcing exciting news tomorrow with her boyfriend Josh Villalta.

With a photo taken at Big News, Nita Strauss put her fans into an exciting countdown. She confessed in the letter she shared that some of the fans already know what she announces soon. She also added that the news is not about a baby.

You can read the statement shared by Nita Strauss below.

“I’ve been a little MIA this week because @thejoshv and I have been working super hard getting ready for an exciting new venture we are announcing tomorrow!! It’s been a PROCESS and I haven’t been this tired in a long time, but I’m also so excited to share it with you guys!!!

“Some of you already got early access, but for those who don’t know… any guesses what it is?!⁣

“I’ll get out ahead of the usual guess- there is no baby Hurricane on its way (someday, but not now!)⁣”

Many fans tried to guess what was going to be announced tomorrow, but none of them succeeded. Although a few guess were answered by Nita Strauss, they did not reflect the truth.

You can find the post below.


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