Alice Cooper‘s 33-year-old touring guitarist Nita Strauss, which was the first female signature artist with Ibanez guitars, has just updated her social media account with a new post and talked about the future by using her stunning stage photo.

In the letter she shared, Nita Strauss mentioned that one day these bad days will pass and that we will return to the hobbies and activities we did in our old lives.

Nita Strauss put the caption of the photo following words: “Flipping between morning shows like… I know the situation looks dire right now but someday on the other side of this thing, we will have new music to look forward to, restaurants to enjoy, parks to run and hike in, grocery stores with full shelves, and concerts where NO ONE IS ON THEIR PHONE!! (ok, maybe that last part is a little optimistic, but it’s worth putting it out there.)”

“Keep the optimism train going! What’s something you would normally take for granted that you’ll appreciate more when we can get back to it.”

“For me, it would be going out without a mask on- masks are now mandatory here in LA, so everyone in our neighborhood looks like they’re about to commit a crime.”

In the comments of the photo, the fans sent their support to Nita Strauss, and they added that they agree with the same thoughts with her.

While a fan named Nadia shares her thoughts with her, she said: “Going to the beach or a park is something I took for granted before all of this for sure! I also agree with the masks I always feel like An old time-y bank robber.”

You can find the photo shared by Nita Strauss below.


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